Sears Credit Card – Financial Flexibility Like No Other

Consumers always seek flexibility when they’re looking for credit cards. Fortunately, credit card companies such as Sears empathize with their consumers and provide a plethora of Sears Credit Cards that suit different needs.

Sears Credit Card: The Standard One

This card is the most basic one among the bunch. Opening a Sears account presents several advantages. The first-time user enjoys a substantial discount on the first buy, as well as a low interest rate for the first several months. There are also several incentives, such as coupons and exclusive invites to sales. Another perk of Sears is the privilege to return or exchange an item without the receipt, as long as it is bought with this card.

Sears Credit Card: Sears MasterCard

This Sears Card serves as a replacement for the former Sears Gold MasterCard. As usual, it holds all the benefits of the Sears Standard Card. However, the MasterCard lets the user purchase with the MasterCard from a wider range of stores and lets the user obtain cash advances from ATM and banks worldwide – as long as the ATM or bank has a cash advance feature. Like the Gold MasterCard, Sears MasterCard users can consolidate all their balances in the MasterCard. Holders of the MasterCard can also register their account online so they can view statements and make payments online. The MasterCard is more popular than the regular Sears Credit Card because its special deals cover large purchases. They can also shop in more stores using the MasterCard. And, they get to enjoy certain interest-free periods too.

Sears Credit Card: Sears Commercial One Card

The Sears Commercial One Card is intended for business owners and companies. The function of the Commercial One Card specializes in assisting business owners and companies monitor their expenses and transactions. The Commercial One Card can be used by more than one employee. The holder of this card is entitled to several benefits from the Sears Business Resource Center. The resource center provides materials, tips and information to help businesses progress. Aside from that, the holder enjoys product discounts from Compupay, Pitney Bowes, and other organizations partnered with Sears.

Sears Credit Card: Sears Home Improvement Card

Sears proves it genuine relations with its consumers with the Home Improvement Card. It’s a fact that home improvement projects take a lot of money out of the bank. Using this type of Sears Credit Card will allow the customers to obtain discounts for home improvement products such as windows, doors, heating systems, vinyl siding, wallpapers, etc. Furthermore, the Sears home improvement can install them at low interest payment plans.

Availing of the Sears Card is beneficial to the loyal Sears customer. If you add up all the discounts from the Credit Card, you can accumulate significant savings by the end of the year. The freebies and rewards also help a great deal in keeping your finances in good shape. You can make your credit card more flexible with add-ons such as the Premier Program and Account Care. Enhance your financial smarts with this credit card and enjoy a fat pocket this year.