Home Depot Home Improvement Gift Card – Getting One For Free

One of the most popular stores today when it comes to home repair, home fix up and various appliances is Home Depot. In fact it seems that they are popping up everywhere and to be quite honest in my opinion has the one of the best selections when it comes to lawn care products, mowers and flooring options.

However, what I wanted to share with you is how to go about getting a free gift card to Home Depot. If you are planning a large project and plan to spend a good deal of money on this project, it just might be beneficial to look into getting a free home depot gift card. When you look online there are tons of sites offering free giveaways and various items, yet it’s hard to sift through what’s real and what’s not. I can tell you I’ve been reviewing free giveaways and gift cards for a few years now and there are actually sites and sources out there where you can truly get an item for free, however not before you complete program requirements that do require purchases before hand to quality for the gift card.

For the most part these sites are great if you plan on spending or good deal at Home Depot or tend to go to the hardware store on a regular basis. One thing to note be sure to read the terms and conditions when you visit a site giving away a free gift card and make sure you’re making the most of it and that you actually need or want what’s required in order to get the gift card.

Here’s a good example, if you are planning on spending thousands of dollars to remodel your house, buy a new mower or any major project at that matter, and you already do other activities like travel or use credit cards, then it may be worth looking into and seeing about getting a free gift card, again just be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Sears Credit Cards – The Lowdown!

Making your Sears credit card payment online is perhaps one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pay off your credit card debt. It saves you from a lot of hassle and saves the time it would take you to visit your bank or the post office. Ever since Sears handed its credit cards operations over to Citigroup, online payments and their other facilities have become even faster and better. Imagine how much time you would save if you could pay all your bills online with just a few clicks.

All card payments made online go directly to Citigroup, who then manage and transfer those funds to Sears. All you need to do is register for online account management for your Sears credit card from the Citibank website and you are done. You can then access a control panel to manage your account payments and information. You will need your social security details, billing information, an email address, your Sears MasterCard information, and your three-digit security code for registration.

Sears credit cards might sound like they are only good for shopping at their stores, but they can actually be used online and even at some other stores. Sears cards also come with 24-hour customer service, safeguards against fraud, identity theft, and even payment protection in case of unemployment or death.

They offer four types of cards: a standard Sears credit card, a MasterCard, a Commercial One Card and a Sears Home Improvement Account. These cards can be used at all Sears stores, as well as Kmart, Lands End and The Great Indoors outlets and websites, while the Home Improvement Account has been designed for people who are planning large home improvement and DIY projects. The Commercial One card, as the name suggests, is for commercial tools and use.

Among other things, you can easily make additional Sears credit cards for your family members without extra cost. You also get better warranties and returns are easier too, since you do not have to bring your receipt if you have brought your Sears card. Moreover, the Sears MasterCard does not come with a membership fee and you earn rewards for each dollar that you spend. The commercial use cards do not have an annual fee either while the Home Improvement Account gets you easy monthly payments for your renovations and extensions.

However, the key feature of these cards is the security. All Sears credit cards are covered by Citibank’s identity theft solutions, while the MasterCard comes with Purchase Assurance, extended warranty coverage and the Sears Choice Rewards program. Additionally, you can also sign up for AccountCare, which cancels your minimum monthly payment or balance up to a specific amount if you lose your job, are on leave of absence, or are hospitalized.